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The universal decanting carafe for all wines - young white, rosé and red wines, champagne, Sweet wines, sherry, port, but also mature red and port wines

The superlative universal carafe – developed by the well-known sommelier Peter Steger. The Decanter was created in a 12-month design process based on many years of experience in form and material.

The highlight: the spectacular design of the double glass wall ensures the optimal drinking temperature over a longer period of time. 

The Decanter gives young white, rosé and red wines a perfect expression and allows mature wines to breathe. 

Decant your wines for perfect drinking pleasure.

The ONEforALL Decanter is a further development of the classic decanter carafe. The optimal form is complemented by a new function. In addition to decanting white, red and rosé wines and carafing champagne and high-quality sparkling wines, the double-walled design achieves a "thermos flask effect".

The ONEforALL Decanter not only optimally supplies your wine with oxygen or ensures that the depot is separated from the clear wine in well-aged bottles, but also keeps the perfect drinking temperature for over an hour. The "spout" is designed to abruptly stop the flow of wine, preventing dripping. The handmade, high-quality borosilicate glass used combines elegance and stability with the thin glass walls.