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The glass

A glass shape like ONEforALL cannot be imagined - it must be developed! This process took more than two years. In over 80 rounds of tasting, the evolution and finally the final glass emerged from a basic pattern. Hundreds of wines have been tasted again and again - from the more developed glass. Many sommeliers and winemakers contributed to an objective result. The glass is bulbous in the lower area so that the wine gets as much oxygen as possible on a large surface in order to release its aromas. The narrow opening bundles the flavors and automatically brings the drink to the middle of the tongue so that it is optimally distributed in the mouth. Both sizes are ideal for enjoying all white, red, rosé, sparkling and sweet wines, all grape varieties, origins and ages, as well as clear and barrel-aged spirits. I recommend the small glass as a professional tasting glass and preferred for champagne, sparkling wine, white, rosé, Sparkling and sweet wines, sherry, port and high-quality spirits. The larger one is an excellent pleasure glass and particularly supports the aroma development of red wines, great white wines and special sparkling wines and champagne.


The test


Do the comparison test! Simply take a normal white or red wine glass and fill it. Then taste from the glass. Fill the wine from the normal glass into the ONEforALL glass and try again. First take in the aromas through your nose and then taste the wine. Then pour the wine back into the normal glass. See for yourself how the aromas and flavors are presented. You will be from ONEforALL be delighted.