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Practical if you can enjoy all drinks from the same glass.

Matthias Martens, cigar sommelier

"As a cigar sommelier, it is my passion to combine selected cigars with fine drinks. Personally, I prefer medium-strength to strong, slim cigars such as a Cuban Trinidad Lanceros or the Compañeros Coronas Largas from Honduras, which unfortunately are no longer available. In the first third, I take a glass of strong, Expressive vintage champagne, an elegant Agricole-style rum in the middle and a mature Late Bottled Vintage Port for the powerful finale. Practical if you can enjoy all the drinks from the same glass. In rooms that are pregnant with the blue tobacco haze, glasses with one not too large an opening that gives the nose perfect access to the glass chimney, which is why I like to use the ONEforALL by my aficionado friend Peter Steger."