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Daily mirror, 2001

"... Because Mister Johnson is English and the world's most successful wine author. A knowledgeable provocateur. A single glass is enough for him in everyday life, he says, a glass shaped like an egg..."

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Mario Scheuerman

during a web wine tasting on July 08th, 2008: "...a really ingenious glass. The Feinherbe (Riesling) in the ONEforALL again seems much more fruity, more lively, in the Riedel on the other hand it is a bit duller, wider.

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Digest August

"The ONE for ALL glass for all wines, sparkling wine and champagne also makes life easier. Contrary to the belief that different glasses should be used for different types of wine, Peter Steger developed a professional glass in which all types of wine can be presented perfectly. This objective follows a practical logic: If it is not possible to achieve the optimum with so many special glasses, one should try to come as close as possible with one glass for all types of wine.The professional sommelier's One for ALL glass brings the positives characteristics, as well as the wine faults."

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