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ONE for ALL is a win, win combination!

Emil den Dulk, CEO DeToren Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

I was introduced to ONEforALL Stemware in Cologne Germany in 2005. Peter Steger ordered a wine and got the sommelier to pour. He then poured half of the wine into a ONEforALL glass. He called her back and asked her to identify which wine of the two glasses was the better wine. The ONEforALL glass was chosen. I then did the taste myself and competed. This happened at 2 more restaurants and I was convinced without learning about all the other advantages of the stemware. In 2006 I introduced both the the white and red glasses into our tasting room at De Toren. We have been using ONEforALL Stemware at De Toren ever since, tasting with public, press and specialists and so many people remarked on the elegant shape and have all been referred back to ONEforALLES. ONEforALL is a win, win combination!"