The universal glass of superlatives - free shipping from 120 € (within Germany)

The proportions of the glass are just perfect and ingenious.

Pascal Private, Cognac Ambassador

"Bravo à Peter Steger for these two phenomenal glasses, which I use all the time, not only for my personal wine enjoyment, but also professionally for my daily cognac tasting. A well-balanced cognac with between 5 and 10 years of barrel aging (VSOP, Napoléon , Reserve) performs exceptionally well in the ONEforALL white wine glass - in the nose and on the palate. The red wine glass is perfect for mature, very long-lasting cognacs that cry out for oxygen (big XO's and Hors d'Age). The proportions of the glass are just perfect and ingenious: high, narrow, tulip-shaped. Exactly the opposite of the hideous giant snifter that abuses every fine cognac. With these ONEforALL glasses do your cognac or its distiller a respectful honor and a favor for yourself. Because you will really enjoy your cognac with this! But please don't forget one thing: pour at least 4cl and give it time..."